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Solution Alliance - Certification ISO 9001:2008

Solution Alliance - Certification ISO 9001:2008

01 November, 2016

We are pleased to announce that SOLUTION ALLIANCE has been certified according to the quality management system of the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Dear Clients and Friends,

We are pleased to inform you that SOLUTION ALLIANCE has been certified according to the quality management system of ISO 9001: 2008.

Said certification will be carried out for accounting and reporting service, tax advice and management, labor counseling and management, corporate advice, administrative-financial management, due diligence, investment project advice, points 7.3 and 7.6 of the standard being excluded.

This was a process that we started at the end of 2014 and that we successfully completed on October 10th.

The certification under ISO standards involves the analysis of each of the internal processes of the company, the design and redesign of them, their standardization, establishing control and management indicators, which allow enhancing the quality of the service provided. The benefits of certification, beyond the achievement itself, are multiple for the organization and those who interact with it, and this was what prompted us to travel this path:

• Optimize human and economic resources. • Improvement of the work environment and encourage teamwork. • Speed up response times to customers. • Permanent analysis of the degree of customer satisfaction. • Redefine the mission and vision of the organization with a strong focus on the client and collaborators. • Improve the documentation of the processes of the organization. • Increase the quality and efficiency of the processes. • Develop social responsibility actions. • Implement a network of suppliers aligned with the objectives and standards of the organization.

From the management of the company we thank the collaborators, customers, suppliers and all those who accompanied us in this project, and highlight our commitment to continue working on the continuous improvement of our internal processes in order to provide a high quality service, enhancing the capabilities of our collaborators.

Best regards,

Solution Alliance


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