# coding: utf-8 The Firm - Solution Alliance

We are a consultancy firm in the tax, accounting, audit and legal areas, composed of an interdisciplinary team of professionals with domestic and international training in economics, law and notarial studies.

We direct to the market providing integral services which are key elements for facilitating and managing businesses in the different areas of economy.

Our mission is to deliver integral corporate solutions for our clients, based on the “One Stop Solution” philosophy, so that they focus on their Core Business and rely on our Firm to manage and develop their fiscal, legal and administrative issues. Our professionals’ work implies not only advising on what should be done but also getting involved along with the client in the implementation, assessment and completion of the advice thus provided.

Our mission is to clear the way to our clients, contributing knowledge, experience and solutions, so that each client may increase his/her performance capacity.

Solution Alliance is a member of a worldwide network of Accounting firms and auditors called International Network of Accountants and Auditors - INAA. This organization is present in 52 countries, with 70 Firms and is composed of independent accounting and auditing services firms, which alliance favours the exchange of knowledge and experience, thus guaranteeing its clients the highest quality and services coverage in all continents.

Technical independence, unyielding ethics and continuous search for bettering and excelling ourselves are part of the principles that the professionals of Solution Alliance share and daily apply with our clients.

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