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What do we search for?

Buscamos personas motivadas por la autosuperación, dinámicos, proactivos, y comprometidas con el trabajo y su profesión.

Nuestra filosofía de trabajo consiste en dar el 100% de nosotros para satisfacer las necesidades del cliente, a la luz de una ética inquebrantable. Para nosotros tener códigos y principios, es un requisito fundamental que defendemos y priorizamos.

What do we offer?

Solution Alliance is a multidisciplinary team of professionals whose common denominator is the search for excellence and continuous improvement. Team work and interaction with diverse professionals will allow you to know different aspects of business advice and to develop in the area you are most interested in.

We work with local and international clients who challenge us to surpass ourselves every day, thus enriching our knowledge.

Solution Alliance is not a multitudinous firm where mobility is hindered and where it is difficult to fit in. On the contrary, we choose to be a limited team, because we select the best profiles and we pull for their development and growth.

Solution appreciates the effort placed in your studies, therefore, we support that you bet on your education.

We know that we spend an important part of our day at work, hence the fact that we work to ensure a warm and laid-back atmosphere, where team spirit also has its place.

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