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Our work success is based on a deep knowledge on our client’s business which allows identifying the key areas of risk and the effectiveness of the key controls implemented by the entity for its management.

Our approach comprises an analysis of the risks of the business and our clients’ specific needs. In order to offer an effective and efficient service we review processes and systems, for the purposes of supporting audit specific procedures and being able to provide suggestions and recommendations.

Our services include:

  • Auditing Financial Statements, according to the local accounting standards, IFRS, US – GAAP
  • Limited review of Financial Statements and Compilation or specific Reports to be submitted to punctual receivers of Financial Statements.
  • Consolidation of Financial Statements from local or international entities.
  • Previously agreed audit proceedings.
  • Operative and management control audits.
  • Survey of the company’s internal control environment.
  • Acquisition audits.
  • Sale audits.
  • Preparation, review, assessment of projected financial statements.

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