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Therefore, in Solution, we relieve that outsourcing is a fundamental strategy to increase your company’s competitiveness, remaining flexible upon changes of the economic context. Our services include:

Outsourcing and Accounting Advice:

  • Monthly registration of all the operations of the company with the corresponding books based on the documents provided by the company.
  • Preparation of monthly Financial Statements in local and foreign currency according to the International Accounting Standards.
  • Issue of financial reports according to the information needs of the management or Head Office.
  • Advice on documentation demands established by the regulations in force and our suggestions on administrative and control proceedings.

Outsourcing and Labor Advice:

Labor advice and calculation of wages and salaries and social contributions, this service comprises:

  • Calculation of staff’s wages and salaries (salaries, wages, fortnightly pays, commissions, year-end bonus, holiday pay, severance pays, etc.), preparation of the corresponding payment receipts, calculation of social security contributions and preparation of payment forms.
  • Advice on award wages of the Salary Board (a group of government, labor and corporate representatives that set wages and salaries).
  • Calculation of the Personal Income Tax (“IRPF”), corresponding withholding, processing of payment, calculation of annual adjustment of the tax.
  • Preparation of forms for the registration with and de-registration from FONASA in the event of staff admissions and severances, reporting at FONASA due to illnesses, at the Family Benefit Fund, etc.; communication of leaves and any other document of labor nature which may be necessary.
  • Preparation of the necessary documents for unemployment insurance, industrial accidents insurance, etc.
  • Obtaining certificates proving that the company is up to date with the payments at the Social Security Bank.
  • Dealing with inspections carried out by the Social Security Bank.
  • Sending information to the bank for crediting salaries in due time and proper form.
  • Management of food vouchers.

Advice on the regulations of the Ministry of Labor.

  • Obtaining and updating of all the labor documentation required to comply with the legal provisions in force.
  • Continuous updating of staff movements, timetables, salaries and wages in the payroll.
  • Dealing with inspections by the Ministry of Labor.

Advice on regulations of the “Banco de Seguros del Estado” (State Insurance Bank).

  • Obtaining and annual renewal of insurance against employment-related accidents or illnesses.
  • Sending of updated information to the State Insurance Bank in order to have an updated policy.
  • Processing of the accident insurances which may be necessary.
  • Obtaining the certificate which proves that there are no outstanding tax liabilities with the “BSE” (State Insurance Bank).
  • Dealing with inspections by the “BSE”.

Control of employees from outsourced companies.

Whenever the company hires staff from outsourced companies, the necessary controls would be carried out for the purposes of minimizing the liabilities established in the Law on outsourcing.

Accounting aspects of labor calculations.

Monthly, once the labor settlement has been carried out, we will proceed to prepare the book entries which may be entered into the system, provisions, etc.

Outsourcing and Administrative – Financial Advice:

We offer the possibility of outsourcing certain administrative processes, such as billing, follow-up of accounts payable and/or receivable, the administration of cash assets and management of treasury, preparation of cash flow, budgets, analysis of deviations from the budget, thus enabling the client to focus the resources and energies on the growth of the company and the generation of new deals.

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